Pressure Driven Porous membrane vs non-porous
Chemical Engineering

Pressure Driven Membrane Processes

A pressure driven membrane process is simply a membrane separation process where the feed solution is forced through a semipermeable membrane via a hydrostatic pressure gradient.

Tray Distillation ColumnSieve Trays
Distillation Columns

Tray Distillation Columns

Tray Distillation Columns separate the components of liquid-liquid and vapor-liquid mixtures using distillation trays as the contact media

Diagram of ultrafiltration pressure driven membrane process
Chemical Engineering

How Does Ultrafiltration Work?

Ultrafiltration is a porous pressure driven membrane process where species pass through a membrane pore (typically 1-100 nm)

Chemical Engineering

Solid Liquid Extraction (Leaching)

Solid-Liquid Extraction is a separation technique which separates a solute attached to an insoluble solid phase via an extraction solvent.

Collection of skill icons for chemical engineers

10 Must-Have Skills for Chemical Engineers

The most important skills for a chemical engineer to possess include a strong technical knowledge, written and verbal communication and relational interpersonal skills.

Vapor Liquid Equilibrium Mixture of Ethanol and Water
Process Principles

 What Is Azeotropic Distillation?

Azeotropic distillation separates azeotropic mixtures by adding an entrainer that changes the relative volatility of the substances.

Reverse Osmosis Work Diffusion vs Osmosis
Chemical Engineering

How Does Reverse Osmosis Work?

How does reverse osmosis work? Table of Contents Diffusion vs Osmosis Diffusion and osmosis are

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