Best Gifts for the Engineer in Your Life this 2023

The Engineer's Perspective
The Engineer's Perspective

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Best Gifts For Engineers Gift Box

There are those of us blessed with the innate talent of just finding the perfect gifts for our loved ones, but we know buying gifts can also be an intimidating and confusing journey for some of us, especially if that certain loved one is an engineer and we might not fully know exactly what to get them. 

Don’t worry! 

We’re here to help! We’ve listed here what we believe are products that could make amazing gifts for the engineer in your life! Whether they’ll be using it for work or not, for sure they will always be thinking of you whenever they see your gift!

Key Takeaways

Buying Guide for an Engineer

Before we begin to bombard you with a list of potential gifts for the engineer in your life, we’re listing here first some tips and factors to consider when choosing a gift, because these are the same ones we used to make this list!


How well do you know your engineer and what is the nature of your relationship? Also, for what occasion is this gift for? The rest of the factors for consideration should be based on this mindset.


Do you want to get them something they need, or something they would never buy for themselves? The list of gifts here, however, attempts to suggest gifts that will be of particular usefulness in their line of work.


Based on your relationship with the person, perhaps you might also consider something unique, so for them to say “of course, only you would think to get me this.” It is often that the most unique gifts may not exactly be the most functional, but some people would appreciate novelty items and doodads for their desks.


Depending on your relationship with your engineer, you might want to get an appropriately priced gift. We tried to list items all under $100 to show that you don’t need to spend a lot just to show the engineer in your life how important they are to you!

Best Gifts For Every Type of Engineer For All Occasions

Here’s a list of what we think your engineer might really appreciate if you want to get him something very in-line with his line of work, whether it be directly for work or just for fun!

For Your Civil Engineer - Bosch Blaze Pro GLM-165-40 Laser Distance Measure

Best Gifts For Engineers Laser Distance Measure
Credit: Amazon

If your Civil Engineer often does inspections on-site, this Bosch laser distance measure is a game-changer. It is durable but lightweight, very easy to use, and best of all, highly accurate up to 165 feet. It also features an auto square function that can automatically calculate fast and correct square footage.

For Your Chemical Engineer - Molecular Gastronomy Starter Kit

Best Gifts For Engineers Molecular Gastronomy Kit
Credit: Amazon

If your chemical engineer enjoys cooking, they might definitely enjoy this Molecular Gastronomy Starter Kit. With this, every meal prep can turn into a science experiment! Cooking is both a science and an art, but leave it to chemical engineers to focus more on the science part! 

For Your Computer Engineer - Quartet Glass Desktop Computer Pad

With this glass desktop computer pad, they can put sticky notes and write reminders in a way that’s visible without taking up space on their computer screen, and also with a variety of sleek and contemporary designs to choose from depending on their personal style!

For Your Electrical Engineer - QuadHands Classic Workbench Soldering Third Hand Tool

Best Gifts For Engineers QuadHands Classic Workbench
Credit: Amazon

If your electrical engineer likes to be hands-on when soldering, their workbench might already have a “helping hands” workstation. But if theirs isn’t the QuadHands rig, they might really appreciate the upgrade! This features a heavy-weighted base to prevent slipping with flexible arms, and strong stainless steel clamps with removable silicone covers to ensure protection when they’re working with microchips.

For Your Industrial Engineer - The Toyota Way: 14 Management Principles from the World’s Greatest Manufacturer New Edition

Best Gifts For Engineers The Toyota Way
Credit: Amazon

A gift can make someone’s day, but lessons from a book can make someone’s life. For your industrial engineer working in manufacturing, they would definitely appreciate The Toyota Way as it explains the management principles and corporate philosophy of how Toyota garnered its reputation for quality and reliability. Your industrial engineer can pick up a thing or two (or fourteen) of creative ways to improve business processes and workplace systems.

For Your Mechanical Engineer - rOtring 800 Retractable Mechanical Pencil

Best Gifts For Engineers Mechanical Pencil
Credit: Amazon

Whether your mechanical engineer is a student or a professional, they will still enjoy this top-end product for years to come! Not only does it have the essential features of every mechanical pencil, but this one can also doubles as a stylus for when your mechanical engineer is also working on touchscreens! Truly an essential tool for the mechanical engineer in the digital age!

Best Gifts for Engineers For Special Occasions

Here is the part of our list that includes items that are high in function but also ones that are high in fun! Make sure to think about the engineer in your life and think if they are the kind of engineer that would really enjoy some of these gifts whether useful or, like one item in particular in this list, completely useless!

For Graduation - Matein Travel Laptop Bag

Best Gifts For Engineers Laptop Bag
Credit: Amazon

All fresh engineering graduates definitely need a good backpack or bag and this Matein laptop bag is simply perfect. It is comfortable and breathable yet sturdy, with more than enough storage space and pockets for better organization. With an anti-theft pocket and even USB-charging features, this would make the perfect graduation gift for your future engineer to start their career right! Or why wait for graduation? Even just as a student they would highly appreciate this! 

For Birthdays - Spinning Kinetic Desk Toys

For your engineer, one quick way to relieve stress could be playing with the spinning kinetic toy on their desk. For their birthday, give them the gift of distraction, and let them enjoy the optical illusions these toys create as they spin. Sometimes, when we’re racking our brains trying to solve an issue, we get stuck and need to take our minds off it for a while. And sometimes, it is during these times when our minds wander when genius hits us! Give your engineer that opportunity! 

For Christmas - The Useless Box

Best Gifts For Engineers The Useless Box
Credit: Amazon

As the name suggests, this box is completely and utterly useless and has no particular purpose other than it is meant to be taken apart, just to be put back together. Nothing beats the pure joy of a kid on Christmas, and for your grown engineer, this is always the best time to give them something that reminds them there is always time for joy, play, and even child-like curiosity! 

For “Just Because” - Engineer Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book

Best Gifts For Engineers Adult Coloring Book
Credit: Amazon

Why wait for a special occasion to show the engineer in your life how much they mean to you? Sometimes we all need a surprise gift every now and then “just because” to help us get through those challenging days of work and life. Whether your engineer has an artistic side or not, this relatable and humorous adult coloring book allows them to reconnect to their inner child to remind them they deserve a break from work every now and then and just have fun! 

Concluding Thoughts

Whether you end up buying your engineer with one (or all) of the products on this list, the old adage still rings true: it’s the thought that counts. It is the thought that they matter to you, the thought that you think of them, and the thought put into choosing the gift all rolled into one that counts. 


What do engineering students need for college?

All engineering students need a calculator. In our list of the best graphing calculators for engineers, the best one highly recommended overall is the Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator due to the one-two punch of robust software at the most reasonable price.

What is the best personalized gift for engineers?

We love this old-timey personalized wooden sign on Etsy! It is an elegant decor and accent for your engineer loved one whether at their desk or home! It can feature their name with the word in big letters “Engineer.”

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