Distillation Columns

Kettle Type Reboiler

A kettle type reboiler is placed beside the bottom of a distillation column since it receives any bottom liquids

Reverse Osmosis Work Diffusion vs Osmosis
Chemical Engineering

How Does Reverse Osmosis Work?

How does reverse osmosis work? Table of Contents Diffusion vs Osmosis Diffusion and osmosis are

Example of a magnetically coupled pump

Magnetically Coupled Pumps

Understanding Magnetically Coupled Pumps Table of Contents Answering The Question A magnetically coupled pump, also

Thermosyphon Reboiler Working System
Chemical Engineering

Thermosyphon Reboiler Working Principle

A thermosyphon reboiler is a type of natural circulation reboiler that utilizes the difference in density between the inlet liquid and outlet vapor-liquid mixture to provide the needed head to circulate the column bottoms into the reboiler

Pressure Driven Porous membrane vs non-porous
Chemical Engineering

Pressure Driven Membrane Processes

A pressure driven membrane process is simply a membrane separation process where the feed solution is forced through a semipermeable membrane via a hydrostatic pressure gradient.

What Is Gas Absorption & How Does It Work? Gas Absorption process
Chemical Engineering

Gas Absorption Packed Column

What Is Gas Absorption & How Does It Work? Table of Contents Gas Absorption (“scrubbing”)

picture of mixer settlers
Process Principles

How Does Liquid Liquid Extraction Work

Liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) separates mixture components from their non-gaseous carrier substances via contact with a liquid.

Gear Pump

Types Of Industrial Pumps

There are two main types of pumps used in industrial applications namely dynamic pumps and positive displacement pumps.

Famous Chemical Engineer George E. Davis

Famous Chemical Engineers

Chemical engineers are heavily involved in industrial processes at every step of the way from raw materials to end products. They are responsible for ensuring process parameters are at their optimum conditions to deliver high-quality products to consumers

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Elution vs Adsorption

Elution vs. Adsorption

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