Absorption vs Adsorption Gas-Liquid Absorption (left) and Liquid-Solid Adsorption
Chemical Engineering

Absorption vs. Adsorption

Absorption is a process in which atoms, molecules, or ions enter into a bulk phase – liquid or solid material. Meanwhile, adsorption is the process in which gas, liquids, or dissolved solids loosely adhere or stick to the surface of another substance – solid or liquid. 

Chemical Engineering

Vacuum Distillation System

Vacuum distillation is the ideal separation method for liquid mixtures with very high boiling points.

Distillation Columns

Kettle Type Reboiler

A kettle type reboiler is placed beside the bottom of a distillation column since it receives any bottom liquids

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Example of a magnetically coupled pump

Magnetically Coupled Pumps

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Vapor Liquid Equilibrium Mixture of Ethanol and Water
Process Principles

 What Is Azeotropic Distillation?

Azeotropic distillation separates azeotropic mixtures by adding an entrainer that changes the relative volatility of the substances.

Microfiltration filtration characterization
Chemical Engineering

How Does Microfiltration Work?

Microfiltration is a pressure driven membrane separation method in which suspended particles are separated from a fluid when passed through a microporous membrane structure

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