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Best chemical engineering apps

Your mobile device can be a powerful tool to help you advance in your career. Rather than consume your phone or tablet’s memory with time-consuming games and social media apps, why not download a few chemical engineering apps? Of course, we still encourage a healthy balance between work and play.

If you’re certain that chemical engineering is right for you, then whether you’re a student, a fresh graduate, a young working professional, or an esteemed expert in the field of chemical engineering, you may find a few of these chemical engineering apps useful. 

chemical engineering apps
chemical engineering apps Petrochemical Engineering (Softecks) Dangerous Goods — ADR Lite (L-MC) Process Engineering Tools LITE (Sardroid Engineers)
chemical engineering apps ACS Mobile (American Chemical Society Pubs) Engineering Dictionary (Farlex) Plutocalc Water & Wastewater (DanielBP)
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chemical engineering apps Chemical Engineering by Softecks

This educational app is helpful for chemical engineering students who want to self-study with an organized library of chemical engineering topics into 10 categories for the free version. It branches out to even more subtopics covering the fundamentals of chemical engineering. It can also be useful for working professionals who need a refresher when it comes to chemical engineering fundamentals.

chemical engineering apps Periodic Table 2022: Chemistry by Chernykh

Although not privy to the periodic table like the chemists, chemical engineers are more concerned about the elements’ physical and chemical properties to better optimize the large-scale production of a consumer product. With this app, chemical engineers don’t only have a portable interactive periodic table, it also has an organized place to find categorized properties for each element.

chemical engineering apps Formulia by Mario Chavarria

It’s time to upgrade your index card of formulas by using this app on your phone instead. You can find formulas in different branches of mathematics, physics, and chemistry — the core principles of chemical engineering. Can’t find a particular complex formula? No problem, you can create and save your own formula.

Moreover, you’ll also get a table of universal contents, a periodic table of elements with physicochemical properties, and unit conversions.

chemical engineering apps Petrochemical Engineering by Softecks

This is an educational app is an extensive library of informational content covering specialized fundamentals within the petrochemical industry, where chemical engineers are essentially needed. Topics such as thermodynamics and chemical reaction engineering will be understood much better with this app targeted toward students and refreshers for professionals. 

chemical engineering apps Dangerous Goods — ADR Lite by L-MC

This is a handy app for chemical engineering professionals in the field of process safety. 

Safety engineers, EHS specialists, or environmental engineers can search for a hazardous material by UN number, chemical name, or Hazard Identification Number. It serves as a quick overview of a safety data sheet, where you can find emergency response information among others.

chemical engineering apps Process Engineering Tools LITE by Sardroid Engineers

Chemical engineering students will appreciate this app for design calculations, especially for equipment sizing. 

The free version only offers calculation sheets for pumps, pressure drop in piping systems, and unit conversions. 

To get maximum benefits, you may also get the premium version as it also calculates systems involving packed columns, flow orifice, shell-and-tube heat exchangers, and more.

chemical engineering apps ACS Mobile by American Chemical Society Pubs

This is a reading app for chemical engineering students in their undergraduate or postgraduate studies. They’ll find updated peer-reviewed research studies related to chemical engineering such as from the Journal of the American Chemical Society. 

Furthermore, it keeps chemical engineers in the R&D department up-to-date with the latest news through the American Chemical Society’s magazine, Chemical and Engineering News (C&EN).

chemical engineering apps Engineering Dictionary by Farlex

Easily find definitions or descriptions for over 28,000 engineering terms with over 9,000 images. With advanced search modes, you don’t even have to type what you’re looking for — simply speak to your phone with the help of the native voice search feature. Also, if you find yourself coming back to the some complex engineering terms, just bookmark them for easier reference. This app is completely subscription-free as long as you remain connected to the internet.

chemical engineering apps Plutocalc Water & Wastewater by Daniel BP

This is an app dedicated to chemical engineers in the water and wastewater industry, such as wastewater/water engineers, sanitary engineers, or environmental engineers. A lot can be done with this app especially when you get the premium version. Here’s to mention a few:

  • Geometrical calculations such as tank volumes, pipe dimensions, and plant capacity
  • Power calculations for auxiliary equipment like pumps, blowers, and compressors
  • Wastewater quality parameters such as TOC and COD
  • Database of properties for gasses, water, and other common chemical compounds
  • Sorption and membrane process calculations
  • Chemical reactions
chemical engineering apps DWSIM Simulator by Daniel Medeiros

Here is a powerful chemical engineering app that can run simulations based on different thermodynamic models, for example. Take a look at the demo video below to see how a simulation works with this app:

You can create process flow diagrams, specify material stream properties, and calculate flowsheets. It’s basically a conceptual process design project that can be done on a mobile device. Although it could quite get messy on a touchscreen device, that’s why this app is also available on a desktop version. Chemical engineering students or even professionals could properly sit down and work on the process design even offline. 

Chemical engineering as a course is a complex discipline enough as it is. Therefore, we should use all resources — technology, most especially — to be more efficient. Yes, there may only be a few chemical engineering apps with enough good reviews as it is also quite challenging to condense chemical engineering calculations, for instance, in an app. 

Although, in the future, let’s hope more developers will focus on easing the technical plight of chemical engineering professionals and students alike. 


What programs do chemical engineers use?

Chemical engineers use computer productivity softwares a lot such as the MS Office, particularly Word for technical reports, Excel for data processing, and PowerPoint for presentations. In addition to that, they must also have the computer/software skills to use programs like CHEMCAD, AutoCAD, MATLAB, ASPEN HYSYS, Minitab, and SolidWorks.

Is chemical engineering the hardest major?

It is certainly one of the hardest majors out there. In fact, in the engineering field, chemical engineering is considered the hardest major, as well as aerospace engineering.


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