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Gear Pump

Types Of Industrial Pumps

There are two main types of pumps used in industrial applications namely dynamic pumps and positive displacement pumps.

Tray Distillation ColumnSieve Trays

Tray Distillation Columns

Tray Distillation Columns separate the components of liquid-liquid and vapor-liquid mixtures using distillation trays as the contact media

Kettle Type Reboiler

A kettle type reboiler is placed beside the bottom of a distillation column since it receives any bottom liquids

application of simple distillation in desalination

Packed Distillation Column

A packed distillation column is a cylindrical vessel filled with packing materials that enhance mass transfer between two feed fluids.

picture of a high shear disperser or high shear mixer

High Shear Dispersers

This article delves into their principle of operation of High Shear Dispersers (HSDs), their features and applications in industry